Time, space and the whole galaxy involved brief

The new brief has to do with time. Guest was inspirational John Fass from IED (Information Experience Design programme at RCA) and Phd Candidate at RCA – I think this was the first time our guest was from the RCA environment.

He started his presentation talking about Inuits in the North part of Canada, Nunavut, and talked about people living there – the passing of time must be different than ours. He then talked about Zeo and monitoring sleep, a phase that you normally don’t monitor or you monitor with a different way, with dreams that is. Sleep is indeed a complicated situation to measure, indeed. Zeo actually intends to make your sleeping behaviour better but how far does that get?

He later talked about his 3-month ‘Lifelogging’ project, using a Sensecam which takes a picture every 20 seconds. I found this interesting, as this would reveal a lot of things that you wouldn’t remember or ‘monitored’ by your own brain.

Resuming his presentation after our crit, he talked about an Inuit not remembering his children date of birth and how Inuits can measure time or navigate with sleep – how many sleeps it gets to go somewhere – or something like that, I don’t remember this exactly. This puts me in totally different way of measuring time, I mean, time in sleeps? I can hardly understand time measured in light..

Eight-hour monument:

How humans measure their everyday time. How would an alien or a more developed being measure a day?

Felix Baumgartner, the first man that broke the sound barrier by making a free fall from space to Earth:

Felix Baumgartner’s ‘Dream machine’ gives the interior sense of time, with eyes closed

And then the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) – quantum particles rotate at 99.99% of the speed of light, as we can’t go beyond that.

I can’t really explain in my words what this LHC thing does but I found something here in LHC’s website that gives me some exciting inside:

The LHC will allow scientists to probe deeper into the heart of matter and further back in time than has been possible using previous colliders.

Researchers think that the Universe originated in the Big Bang (an unimaginably violent explosion) and since then the Universe has been cooling down and becoming less energetic. Very early in the cooling process the matter and forces that make up our world ‘condensed’ out of this ball of energy.

The LHC will produce tiny patches of very high energy by colliding together atomic particles that are travelling at very high speed. The more energy produced in the collisions the further back we can look towards the very high energies that existed early in the evolution of the Universe. Collisions in the LHC will have up to 7x the energy of those produced in previous machines; recreating energies and conditions that existed billionths of a second after the start of the Big Bang.

And then Einstein’s theories about relativity and subjective time: some things feel that take longer that others. The 4th dimension: the space-time.

And the brief in the form of many questions:

What shape is time? Design a system or device that measures and represents time and space as one quantity. Is our time influenced by someone else talking to us? How do your own experiences and perspectives change time? Do you influence other people’s time? Is there atomic time? Body time? How fast are you travelling? (I’m probably still on my chair now but I’m moving through time). Think about shared experience of time and space. How do we measure time? (maybe a short research on that will give me inspiration. Measure conception of time? How us, as beings, measure time?

This whole thing has to do with personal interpretation of time of course, I’m not going to invent a whole new device. It’s a really interesting project that a week is only enough to touch on things! Maybe just by challenging my perception of time will give some answers.

Let’s see..


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