Response and feedback (time)

I’m a bit late with my post this week as it turned a bit disappointing in the end.

I have spent the whole week looking at theories and trying to understand time, but I eventually realised that time doesn’t make sense – or it only makes sense with causality, relativity and space.

So my response was, going to several spaces, record them for some time, then take the recording and cut it in 1seconds recordings and then overlay them. The idea behind this is that past, future, and present all exist in the same space. There’s also a theory by Julian Barbour that time is only a series of changes and can be represented in infinite ‘snapshots’

As one second recordings would be very short, I’ve made it in 10 seconds so you could listen a little bit what was going on. The outcome turned up meaningless and very vague, not challengeable and not exciting, it’s not saying anything really. The original sounds were very different than the outcome, some of them were in silent spaces but overlay the sound it turns up just a noise.

In 10 seconds from Savvas Zinonos on Vimeo.

My feedback was as I predicted it:

  • What am I communicating?
  • experience of place in sound?
  • maybe overlay different sounds together – try different things?
  • it’s not strange to people – GO STRANGE!
  • think about the viewer’s engagement
  • the only interesting thing is that I build on my previous skills and projects
  • watch ‘The power of ten’

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