Fuse project

After a lot of food, drinking and uni people gatherings I have to say my first Christmas time in London wasn’t that bad.

It’s the 2nd of January and I felt I should get back in control, so after re-starting my morning working out again, and some house cleaning I re-arranged my room in order to inspire me (starting from the simple stuff) – I’m in need of real inspiration for my uni work, as my progress tutorial for the last term turned out that my ideas are not strong enough – How do you push ideas further?!!! !@£$%^&*

So the (christmas) project – I have 2 more weeks until the presentation – is about FUSE, a quarterly magazine launched in 1990 (it’s as old as me) by Neville Brody, Jon Wozencroft (both RCA staff) and some others, published by FontShop International. Each issue is devoted to exploration and experimentation with a theme in order to create an alphabet, a typeface a language.

I’m not sure if the outcome of our projects will be published as a new FUSE issue, in any case this is the brief as given to us:

Create a typeface that questions the core assumptions we make about our typographic languages. You can use any variable to create an alphabet – visual, coded, sound, light, etc. but must be ultimately usable on a computer

Theme: open

Maybe you wish to explore a language which is very personal, or you may want to explore something around the nature of language and structure. You might want to pursue more form-based experimentation, but remember in every case you should develop an interrogation or critical question that threads through your explorations. 

Interesting findings:

‘Whimcircle’ by Torre Terrasi (click the picture for more info). Typeface made using only one shape

Buchstabengewitter by Ingo Italic from lettersaremyfriends on Vimeo.

Modular typeface slideshow from suji on Vimeo.

Going Rogue – An Experimental Typeface from Ryan Ogborn on Vimeo.

Concrete from Christopher Çolak aka Chriak on Vimeo.

The Letter ‘A’ (above) from Alice Belgrove on Vimeo.

Univers from Ben Gaydos on Vimeo.


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