Why design?

Still brainstorming the question  ‘Can design feed people?’, and after a conversation with a fellow student I realised that this kind of questions is only discussed between the designers. I have asked friends as well, which don’t know anything about design and they didn’t know what I was actually talking about. One example was: “What do you mean, how can it help? By making a poster helping to raise money for the poor?”. So people don’t know what we are doing here, don’t know what design actually is – well they only know one part of it, advertising. By not knowing/ignoring IF design what design can help they are satisfied as they are just because they don’t have the knowledge. But should we give them this knowledge?

I believe that none considers design as something crucially helpful to social problems. Only people in the design world know what we’re actually doing. The rest of the people have a vague idea.

The question is why design? And does it have to feed people?

And if it doesn’t feed people, what am I doing at the RCA, having to pay such high fees?!

Can we ask the same question for art? For film? Do they ask these stuff at their courses?

Does philosophy ask this? Does poetry ask this?

Poetry feeds the mind. Music feeds ours ears. Graphic design/visual communication feeds our eyes? That would be so controversial between the design world, as they’ve been fighting for so long to establish a critical position in the society, being functional and all these stuff.

Can we/do we feed people in a different way?

Neville’s article talks about how the rich people have access to information – sometimes don’t know  what to do with the excess of mp3 – and poor people don’t have access to information.

Information is the food.

But the word ‘feed’ can be read as something else. News feed. Paper feed. Feed back. Data feed. RSS feed. All of these are not edible.

I’m so confused. This brief confused me so much that made me realise I don’t know either what I’m doing here. And maybe it’s because I haven’t done any actual work as a designer and not just studying. Or it doesn’t matter?


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