Visual Research Presentation Summary

I never posted anything about Visual Research! Visual Research is a drawing elective that everyone should take at some point during the first Year at RCA in Visual Communication. The course aims experimentation through expanded practices of drawing. At the beginning I was going a bit against it, as I didn’t want to do it or I couldn’t find the reason why. But later on, I found this as a way to have a play and habe a break from my Design Without brief, as sometimes they turned me down and they made feel discouraged.

VR presentation

Body Electric:

VR presentation2 VR presentation3

Above, drawing from the brief ‘Body electric’. The brief was asking to make figurative drawings in movement.

‘Drawing with drawing pins’ from Savvas Zinonos on Vimeo.

I posted about this again, this is the outcome of a brief set by Max Hattler. Abstraction of an object or a place.

Mundane Object:

A continuation, really from the animation project. Documenting an object and moving away to the ‘invented’ and ‘imagined’.


VR presentation5

Frotages of masking tape and a mug

VR presentation6 VR presentation7 VR presentation8 VR presentation9

Frotages of a bulldog clip

VR presentation10

And… pins again!

VR presentation11

Pattern made out of pins

The roots of subjectivity:

This brief asked us to choose a figurative image we connect to/like etc and analyse it, define what elements we like about it and why. This aims to make us realise why we make stuff by intuition and use this intuition.

VR presentation12

A photograph I like by Sally Mann. The form of the background and the expressive face, hair and closed eyes of the girl are two contrasting things it attracts me. Also the cropping of the image.

VR presentation13 VR presentation14


A brief about landscape/place and appropriation.

VR presentation15

The two top ones are sketches from Henry Cartier’s photographs. The bottom left is a picture on a card I keep on my wall, I assume is from a street from Italy. The bottom right one is a picture I took in my hometown Limassol, on a dock. There was a man standing so stiff and still looking to the horizon just like an army gesture, waiting for orders or something to happen.

VR presentation16

Later, I found interest in two pictures I took of my bed sheets, which looked like landscape from the air. I started making quick sketches which later lead me to creating a film:

Landscapes from Savvas Zinonos on Vimeo.



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