So what about now…

Looking for a project brief

Things I’ve done since I came back to college was to research Fluxus, a movement recommended by my personal tutor Teal Triggs, because of my experimental work – like my cube for manipulating language which reminds of Fluxkit (below).

I found their experimental videos very interesting which are very much inspired by music:

or video pieces challenging the video frame, like the one that shows how much time is 10 feet of video tape


I have also looked at the book ‘Metaphors we live by’ by George Lakoff, in order to understand more metaphors, as I found my response to the ‘Re-map Europe’ brief last term one that I would like to take further. I like the idea of the myths used to embody the truth that is so unsaid today, especially in politics. I would like to look at more myths and how those translate into today’s situations.

Also I feel I should find a way to link that to themes found in my dissertation. Keywords:

  • multitasking
  • speed
  • efficiency
  • interaction
  • dialogue
  • single platform
  • hybridisation
  • scattered behaviour

What could be visualised with the mechanism of layered-tiles I used for ‘The Future of the poster’ and ‘Re-map Europe’ projects is the idea of hypertext, so much found in the Internet. We’re becoming so much used to it these days, reading a text then interrupting the reading to watch a video, then clicking on another link – all leading to mixed information from different platforms to our brains. How much can I question our reading habits and the development of the written word?

I’m actually lost somewhere in-between projects, should I go very creatively/expressively and continue my brief responses from Design Without (leading to a very poetic concept about myths etc) or base a new project on my dissertation for the sake of following a ‘strategy’ for my MA. The research is there, I feel I should use it to create something out of it, even if it’s not too much related to it.

Other questions I can explore, pulled out from my dissertation:

Are there any forms of evolving communication I can explore/create?

If languages are political, what kind of inputs should these new forms of communication include?

Should scripts/languages change after some period of time – on their own – depending on the dominant global language/the status quo/world beliefs/technology? Should we be slaves of technology? Is the designer needed?

Other RCA ‘stuff’

A new industry project came in by Hyundai I signed up for, initially it seems a branding project for the company, but as it seems the tutors (and we) want to go beyond the typical assumptions of what branding is, through some workshops and discussions.

Also me and two other students have sent a proposal for the student-led series of talks ‘Red Tape’ with the title ‘Maverick’, a proposal challenging what kind of ethics the contemporary Visual Communicator should have, meet those designers that broke the boundaries of the traditions of graphic design and the status quo, if they’re disrupting the industry and if their rebellious behaviours can have an impact on politics and culture. In a few words it suggests that you need to be a ‘maverick’ in order to bring change as the traditional protests don’t cause any change anymore. Also we expressed that we want to go beyond the First Things First Manifesto and conventional ways of design talks.


Other than these, I feel quite lost for now as a lot of things started happening at the same time but I haven’t got an idea how to start my self-initiated project, making me thinking that this year will be even more sleepless, with a Work in Progress show in January ahead.

Let’s see.


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