Ideas Marathon Day 5-The Hopscotch of Capitalism

Delayed post due to RCA Halloween party (and a horrible hangover)

My presentation for the Playground typology:


Playground. It helps children develop physical coordination, strength, flexibility as well as providing recreation and enjoyment, to explore and to recreate.


For example sandbox, to construct and destroy the world in three dimensions


I started interpreting the playground games different. For example seesaw


could mean this

Or balance

or justice (Dike, Goddess of Justice)

or this


or this

presentation9or the merry-go-round could be associated

with this


the swing


you know when someone is pushing you


it’s like that friend in the government that is ‘pushing’ you to get a higher position, a promotion, without really deserving it


So indeed children learn how the world works through the playground

I created a hopscotch:

photo-6The hopscotch is played by throwing a small stone on one of the numbers, you hop to the stone, you collect it and then you return. But the biggest challenge is your stone to reach the biggest number (number 7)  and hop back.

My hopscotch teaches people about the 7 new social classes of the Great Britain, as resulted from The Great British Class Survey by BBC. I asked 1-2 volunteers to play and then I revealed them what they got. They aimed for the biggest number as we everyone in society aims for the highest class. The red colour represents the economic capital each class owns, the yellow the social capital and the blue the cultural capital, according to Pierre Bourdieu’s theory which BBC’s results are based on.DSC_0259 DSC_0261 DSC_0262 DSC_0263 DSC_0264




And this is the end of Ideas Marathon!

It was a good warm-up for the second year and I hope I will get as decisive I was the last week. Due to the short timescale of each project I had to be very systematic in order to present something at 4pm every day. Some of them were 6-hour outcomes which is very impressive. It was usually some brainstorming at night, research from morningish until lunchtime and then 2-3 hours producing. It was good to see myself in a position where I was setting deadlines to myself, even if it wasn’t the best idea I had until lunchtime, I had to go with it and make the most of it as I didn’t have much time to test it.

Weekend, a bit of relaxing.