Ideas Marathon Day 4

So… Prison!

Today I have arrived very late at college (blame southeastern) but around lunchtime I got together with a Greek girl from the group to merge our themes – hers was chicken coop, which in a way is a prison.

Thinking process: Alcatraz, crimes, psychological prison, prison bars, cigarettes (prisoners always smoke – they have nothing else to do, and always the visitors take them cigarettes), numbers or barcodes of prisoners, stanford experiment, forms of control, control of thought, limit of freedom (racism, sexism, ageism, poverty).

Trying to combine prison and chicken coop I remembered the torturing the British were doing to the Cypriot revolters in the 50’s which was hot boiled eggs under armpits, so my idea was to invent new tortures with eggs.

What kind of gifts the visitors could bring them?!

Regarding chicken coops and the whole things about free range – I heard that they actually place a picture with green landscapes on the door of the chicken coop to cheat them they’re outdoors.

We were going towards a ‘protest’ the chicken could do as a prisoner in the chicken coop.

So came up with this letter Jack the chicken would send to humans chickenchicken prison


IMG_5522 IMG_5524 IMG_5525

This was supposed to comment on the abuse of the animals, and actually Tyson Prisons in the text is Tyson Foods, the supplier of KFC and Colonel Sander the man who made KFC and the tortures mentioned in the text are tortures I found on the PETA website about what happens in Tyson Foods.


This was a really fast outcome (a 2-hour one) but we tried to make it political and it actually started a conversation around ethical treatment for animals.

And my typology for tomorrow is playground, the last one!