Portfolio Website

New website is up and running and can be viewed here : http:www.savvaszinonos.com

It’s running on Cargo Collective, although I paid a subscription and I linked my domain name there in order to make it look more professional. I also edited some of the CSS and HTML code. I’m not entirely satisfied with it, but I hope I will create a Dreamwave website in the future.


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Still messing around with colours

I’m still changing the colours but they never come out as I want them.. A strange thing happens too, the font sometimes comes out blurry or pixelated. It doesn’t happen to all my prints and it does it even with black colour on white paper! Sometimes it’s because the font is too small, maybe Optima doesn’t work in small sizes. But there are some other the size is normal and it still does it. Or the printer at the university are bad..

Until now, I’m working on my letterhead, CV, logo, Purchase Order, Invoice and CD case for portfolio.

Updated colour palette and letterheads

I am trying to make my colour palette more playful as the initial one is too dull. Here I’m testing the blue and green ones with a more brightness

Here are some layouts for letters. I quite like my information to sit on the bottom left side of the letter so it can give space for the other information. I need to think more about how that sits as now the initials of the words Telephone, website and email sit don’t align with the logo

Developing my CV

Different variations of my CV. I tried the colours from my colour palette.

One mistake I instantly have seen is that my name is not noticed from the first glance. I need to include my name as well as my logo.

I also need to review my profile I wrote. It seems to cheesy

Logo development-testing typefaces

I’m between 3 typefaces

Optima: because it’s a humanist typeface and makes a contrast to the simple, mechanic/structural logo.

Gill Sans: a classic modernist typeface and I think it suits to the logo

Futura: its geometric and simple aesthetic suits to the logo.

I placed the versions in order of ‘boldness’. Maybe I can adopt the use of both Optima and Futura as they don’t look so much similar.