‘Checking lists’ filming day

Screenshots from videos I was making last night. This is for the idea I had- the one with ticking boxes before each one of the videos comes in. The handwriting and the notebook was intentional as I wanted to give the ‘scientific’ feel the notebooks of Muybridge and Edgerton have, because they had a ‘science’ approach to photography. I hope this gives the right feeling to the viewer.

Actually now I’m wondering if it’s better to place these videos before or after the videos with the speech visualised. The only sure thing is I have to start editing (I feel guilty to say I haven’t started) so I can see what goes where and what I’m going to do with the posters which will describe each one of the videos. I’m in a lazy mode again – and I shouldn’t!! I’m waiting for the second-and last one- wave of stress to hit me so I can do work.


Still messing around with colours

I’m still changing the colours but they never come out as I want them.. A strange thing happens too, the font sometimes comes out blurry or pixelated. It doesn’t happen to all my prints and it does it even with black colour on white paper! Sometimes it’s because the font is too small, maybe Optima doesn’t work in small sizes. But there are some other the size is normal and it still does it. Or the printer at the university are bad..

Until now, I’m working on my letterhead, CV, logo, Purchase Order, Invoice and CD case for portfolio.

Post-tutorial notes (24/04)


Again, things to consider:

  • Find the best format to export to. The final most probably will be projected, so find the best format for that.
  • The sequence. Some of the videos are not that interesting. I’m thinking of have a balance between dull and strong videos (strong-dull-strong-dull etc).
  • Twixtor effect. It got good feedback from my tutorial. I’m thinking of selecting the videos that make the strongest effect and place them after 3-4 videos to break the dullness of the sequence
  • Check list idea (the idea I have, which would be my hand ticking boxes, like cinnamon, “the rain in spain” and ‘female’ before the video starts). This idea is growing. As the project is investigating visualisation of speech, something that sounds scientific to my ears, I should keep the theme like this. I need to look at scientist-photographers and how they worked. For example Edgerton and Muybridge. I was introduced at their notebooks. I think if I need a squared type of notebook will look more scientific. (I can even dress up like a scientist for the degree show-that would be fun!)
  • Photos. The way of presenting them will shape after I start editing the videos. What I’m thinking, is to have the photos in a grid (maybe A1 size) and next to it, the same size poster but with information for each picture.


Speech visualised- final pictures(?)

These are pictures from the last filming I have done in my room.

I fell in love with the ones with the powder, they’re so attractive to look at, the shapes they make. Also, I have noticed that cinnamon this time didn’t make interesting shapes and I think it shouldn’t do in the first place anyway, because the first time I filmed cinnamon, I used a textured paper which made things go the wrong way. This time I used newspaper for that, as it didn’t move on the type of paper I used for the other ones. Salt also makes nice shapes, especially the parts where it breaks and it becomes powder! So intriguing. Nescafe doesn’t make interesting shapes but it’s interesting to look sideways when it pops. It shouldn’t be everything about interesting shapes, the project has an experimental approach, so I’m testing material, sound and people here. Different material makes different shapes or no shapes at all, that is.

I think I’m enjoying this project, although I should stop with the filming and concentrate on the editing process which seems long. My laptop doesn’t recognise the format the JVC camera I borrowed from uni films (works only with Snow Leopard and Lion-mine is Leopard) so I will need to edit my videos at uni, which will make the process even slower as I can only have access from 10am until 19pm when the library closes.

I am not sure what I should do with the pictures. I like them as a collection and they work well this way. It’s interesting to look the differences between people and shapes of the material. I’m probably showing them in a grid and some brief information, like name/or gender, material and phrase.

‘Home studio’ day.

Having booked the video studio for just one day (coming Monday), I decided to spend this weekend on filming as I won’t manage to get all my videos until the next tutorial. HD camera, lights and amplifier in my room. It seems there’s not space for me anymore, just for my projects.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As you can see in the pictures I transformed my room into a studio. I covered the window with bin bags, hanged a large piece of paper, lights, camera and action. Total professionalism in my room!

As it seems, the JVC video camera I borrowed from the university store (I loved it!) shoots either in mov format for Final Cut Pro or MP4. Apparently I’ll have to learn an additional software..!

Today I was also learning how to use the Twixtor effect in After Effects. This effect slows down smoothly frames you want, in order to give more emphasis. This is my first experiment with it:

I am thinking of using this for my final sequence of videos. It would be a good idea to have some of the videos with this effect muted in between the combined videos, in order to make it more interesting and attractive to the viewer.

Updated colour palette and letterheads

I am trying to make my colour palette more playful as the initial one is too dull. Here I’m testing the blue and green ones with a more brightness

Here are some layouts for letters. I quite like my information to sit on the bottom left side of the letter so it can give space for the other information. I need to think more about how that sits as now the initials of the words Telephone, website and email sit don’t align with the logo